Home school agreement

We ask all parents, teachers and children to sign a home school agreement. This is a statement of support which sets out how we can all work together for the good of your child. 

There is a sample of the pages from the booklet below.


Page 2 and 3

Page 4 


Proposed Admissions Criteria

Proposed Birmingham Schools Criteria


Statutory Policies


School Statutory Accounts

School Statutory Accounts ( 2017 (13mb pdf  - please be patient)) 


Other School Policies;

Accessibility policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Arts Policy

Assessment Policy 

Attendance and Punctuality Policy 

Code Of Conduct Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Disposal & Recycle of Equipment Policy

Drugs Policy

              Educational Visits Policy

              Emergancy Porcedures for Parents Collecting Children Late Policy

              First Aid Policy 2015

              Food Policy

              Greenholm Medicine Policy 2015

              Health and Safety 2015

Homework Policy

Inclusion Policy

              Lone Working Policy 2014

Medicines in School Policy

Mobile Phone Usage on Site Policy

No Platform for extremism Policy

Password Management Policy

              Parents / Visitor code of Conduct

Records Management Policy

Recruitment & Selection Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Sex and Relationships Policy

Staff Attendance Reporting Policy

Staff Social Media Policy

Teachers Pay And Conditions report 2017 (DFE)

Value For Money Statement 

Visitors to School Policy 

Whistle Blowing Policy