At Greenholm Numeracy is taught daily with all children having some mental arithmetic activities.


Learning starts with understanding number and being able to know and visualise numbers and shapes. This helps children in KS1 tackle more complex mathematical problems.    Learning is planned to build on skills and allow children time to consolidate and use and apply their skills in a number of different ways.   Wherever possible maths is planned to link to areas of theme work where appropriate, so that children can use their knowledge in a real life situations.    The Class Teacher plans to ensure there is a good balance between practical activities, discussion, reflection and paper methods.


In KS2 children are grouped for maths but these groups are fluid and change on a half termly basis as children achieve their targets.  In addition, Teaching Asistants work with specific groups to ensure children have a good grounding in maths.    Children who have additional needs in Numeracy are supported through different intervention programmes including Numbers Count.


 Numeracy Progams and Study Link


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