Music at Greenholm Overview


At Greenholm, we give pupils lots of opportunities to learn and enjoy music.singing




Pupils have singing lessons every two weeks.  They are taught a variety of songs from nursery rhymes to pop songs to songs in different languages.  As they progress through school, pupils are taught different skills from rounds to harmonising.  

Pupils have many opportunities to sing throughout the year; hymns in church, songs in the Christmas productions, Harvest assemblies and during Artsfest.


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Music curriculum


Pupils are taught to appreciate music by listening to range of music, learning musical skills (elements) and then using these skills to compose and perform.  They are also taught aspects of the history of music, linked to year group themes. Year 5 have exciting links to Opera Quest which is linked to the Hippodrome theatre, and compose and perform their own songs.

Pupils in Year 4 have whole class lessons in either cornet, cello or clarinet for a year, then pupils are given the option whether they would like to continue these lessons individually.

Extra-curricular music opportunities


In addition to the singing lessons, we have a choir for pupils in y4-y6. 

We also offer pupils the opportunity to have individual instrumental lessons in:

  • Violin
  • Recorders
  • Guitar
  • Steel pans
  • Cornet
  • Cellomusic 2




Our pupils have had the opportunity to watch and listen to a variety of music, we’ve had a clarinettist teach the pupils about breathing techniques, a dhol drummer supporting during bhangra dance performances and a cellist all the way from India.


During our summer fayres, we also invite musicians from the local community to come and perform.