Languages at Greenholm



At Greenholm we provide exciting and cross curricular learning opportunities for the children to explore languages, culture and the wider world around them.


By the time our pupils leave us in year 6, they have gained a secure platform for further language learning in terms of how language is formed and how words are joined together to make grammatically correct sentences.



Our chosen language focus is French and through games and interactive activities, the children explore how this language works and gain knowledge and understanding of different cultures around them, which in turn positively affects their development as global citizens. The children learn skills, which develop independent thinking and allow them to examine the workings of a new language in a fun and interactive way. The Achievers skills are a powerful tool, which allow the children to develop a solid foundation for language learning in KS3 and beyond. 



In foundation and Key Stage 1 the children have an introduction to a new language and experience this through subjects which interest them such as animals, the circus, superheroes and transport. As the children progress to Key stage 2 they learn how to form basic conversations and learn basic grammar rules as well as learning about culture in the world around us.






The children in key stage 2 are assessed across the key skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. The teaching of languages is delivered through games, interaction and conversation. We want our children at Greenholm to develop a love of languages, which will form a foundation for further learning in key stage 3 and beyond.