DT (Design and Technology) Overview


At Greenholm School our vision is for all children to enjoy and feel confident about expressing their ideas. We want the children to have the opportunity to explore, observe and investigate made products from arrange of cultures and time periods.

Through DT we want the children to have opportunities to develop their independent learning while improving their self motivation.  We also aim to provide the children with ongoing opportunities to engage in talk and discuss ideas to help them develop their understanding, as well as raising their own self confidence through recognition of achievement. We hope that this will lead to the children having an enriched understanding of their world, helping them develop as confident, resilient well balanced individuals.

 outdoor stoneage


Vision for DT at Greenholm

During work in DT, when the children explore, observe and investigate made products from a range of cultures and time periods, we want the children to develop their investigating and reasoning skills. Following this we want the children to develop the ability to discuss their findings and ideas, as well as responding to other people’s views and ideas (linked to dialogic talk). It is hoped that by engaging children in DT projects it will give reluctant writers a stimulus for their writing, while at the same time developing other children’s writing by having a context for writing.

Current standards look good in DT with most children working at age related expectations. This has been based on assessment material which is still in a development phase and this is an area for development this year to bring the assessment of DT into line with our Target Tracker system.