Writing Overviews


 Our Vision: ‘We want to inspire each generation of writers to enjoy expressing their original ideas masterfully through the English language.’


At Greenholm, we believe that every child is a writer and that every piece of writing should have a REAL purpose.

Key Stage 1 

Writing is taught through spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPaG), phonics and literacy lessons across each week. In SPaG, children are taught the fundamental understanding of word classes, punctuation and basic sentence structure. They are then given opportunities to apply this understanding in literacy lessons, where the focus is on purpose, audience and context for writing. Phonics is taught daily as a spelling strategy. Children sit the statutory phonics test at the end of Year 1 and are formally assessed in writing at the end of the key stage.




Key Stage 2

Writing is taught through daily spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPaG) and literacy lessons. In SPaG, children are taught an understanding of the full range of punctuation, clause and sentence structure and a knowledge of different grammatical terms. They are also exposed to the spelling rules appropriate for their age and this is given out as homework for an informal weekly test. Children are then taught writing in daily literacy lessons, where they apply their grammar skills to a range of purposes, audiences and contexts. Writing is formally assessed by class teachers at the end of Key Stage 2.


Wider Curriculum

Writing is also valued highly throughout the rest of the curriculum, where children are expected to complete an extended piece of writing in topic or science sessions once per week. In every subject, expectations regarding the quality of writing are high and standard English is always expected where appropriate.




Engaging children to want to write is a fundamental part of the writing process. For each literacy unit, children are immersed into a text through the use of the arts, word games and occasionally, educational visits or other experiences in school.