Numeracy Overview

‘’At Greenholm ,we want to nurture a life long passion for Numeracy.’’



We  support all children to enjoy and develop number skills so that they are confident using maths in everyday life. In Numeracy, Children learn best when skills and concrete understanding are developed through the use of practical resources initially, then given opportunities to apply them across a variety of problem solving situations.







  • To develop a confident and positive attitude by encouraging children to see mathematics as an enjoyable and satisfying experience with practical relevance in everyday life.
  • To provide the opportunity for children to develop the practical skills and understanding of concepts, facts and operations as outlined in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Mathematics.
  • To help children observe the patterns and relationships which are the heart of Mathematics.
  • To encourage the use of Mathematical language to discuss, explain and express ideas and results both correct and incorrect.
  • To provide a stimulating Mathematical environment where maths is celebrated, and promoted through display.
  • Continually strive to provide equal access to all aspects of the Mathematics Curriculum for every child or adult involved in the learning of Mathematics.