Area of Responsibilities


Greenholm Primary School : Governance committee

Membership matrix


  S. Shorrock (Chair) C Phillips
S. Christie
M. Biggs (computing) B. Bissell (education) G. Turner (Headteacher) J. Osborne (staffing) Lisa Reynolds J. Christie
M. Khatkar (law) H.Haq (education) F.Glendenning (education) S. O'Hanlon M. Myers (law) S. Rafiq J. Price (education) L. Brandon (education)
Member Member Member                            
Area of responsibility       ICT Pupil Premium         Safeguarding School Council   The Arts     S.E.N  
Full Governors Body Chair    
Premises, Health & safety       Chair                    
Curriculum & Inclusion         Chair               Chair
ICT Strategy       Chair                        
Staffing; Personnel, Pay & conditions                     Chair  
Staffing; Personnel, Appeals Chair                                
Headteachers Performance Review                          
Freedom of Info       Chair                        
Concerns Chair                              
Pupil disciplinary (exclusions) panel (to consist of seven non-parent and non-staff governors)