Before and After School Club 


cooking club



Before and After School Club flyer. Throughout the year there is the Before and After school Club.  This has up to 60 places each morning and evening for children whose parents require childcare.   It is run by school staff for working parents or parents who are studying. Places must be booked in advance and there is a fee for each session. Please see the school office for more information.




ICT club


This runs at lunchtime and children can use the computers to help them with homework, research or just to access ICT.   Priority is given to those children who have limited or no access to the internet or ICT at home. 


Extra Curricular


There are a lot of additional opportunities throughout the day for pupils to join and participate in.

The available activities differ throughout the year (lots are weather dependant) your child will receive a letter from the School Office when their class has the opportunity to sign up for an extra-curricular club. We ran activities like;   Some, like music lesson have to be booked in advance and paid for, but others are open to everyone and are free.



Clubs and Activites

 Please note that there could be slight changes to the table below. Double check with Mr Gwalchmai at the main office for any queries.









 Yoga Y5/6


 Dodgeball Y3/4

 Yoga Y3/4







Steel Pans



Cooking Club


After School

Fun Team Games Y1/2

Fun TeamGames Y3/4

Netball Y5/6

Gymnastics Y2/3/4


Dodgeball Y5/6

Hockey Y3/4

Football Y5/6

Social Games Y1/2